Elevate Your Leadership & Transform Your Team

Gain clarity, lead with confidence, and leverage a renewed sense of purpose with your team.

As a leader, you often feel responsible for every moving piece of your business.

Because of this, the white space on your calendar is limited or non-existent.

You’re passionate and driven in your work, yet, no matter how much you accomplish in the day, you’re still finding:

Your organization is struggling to break through to the next level.

Your best people are overwhelmed by the pressure of constant change.

Your team is lacking connection to a shared purpose.

You’re so caught up in the daily operations, you tend to lose sight of the bigger picture.

While your staff is able to leave their work behind at the end of the day, you’re working around the clock, constantly putting out fires, and carrying the invisible load of running an organization. It’s no wonder you’re so exhausted.

If this sounds like you,

it’s time to get out of the doing and into the being.

This means embracing your role as a visionary thinker—someone who recognizes the external work required to meet strategic objectives—and fusing it with the internal work necessary to inspire lasting vitality within your team.

Most leaders have a knack for the external. But knowing how to recharge at a physical, mental, emotional and soul level is a non-negotiable for those looking to build sustainable growth in the emerging, post-pandemic world.

Imagine what your future would look like if you were able to:

Spend most of your time inspiring creativity and innovation and get out of the day to day.

Discover a collective, renewed sense of purpose across your organization.

Truly leverage the extensive expertise, wisdom, and drive of your team.

Step into your authentic power as a leader and feel fully confident in your ability to lead.

Here’s your chance to determine what leadership shifts you need to make in order to guide your team and organization to the next level.

Introducing The Vital Visionary for Teams

A program designed to transform your influence, taking you from being an individual who leads to becoming a collaborative, purpose-based, innovative leadership team.

It starts with you. In order to lead your team towards being engaged, vital and collaborative, you must first commit the time and energy to invest in yourself.

Your time is your most valuable commodity. Once spent, it can’t be replaced, which is why you must be highly intentional with how you invest it. Still, it’s so easy for you to get sucked into the day-to-day management and for your teams to get stuck in the silos of the business.

As a leader, your job is to cultivate an environment of success across your entire organization. That means giving all your people the opportunity to be successful and ensuring your teams are focused on reaching shared goals.

The Vital Visionary for Teams is your opportunity to press pause and take inventory on where you are as a leader right now. This pause, which we refer to as The Still Zone, is the only space where you can truly reflect on what your organization needs in order to reach that next level of success.

“The Vital Visionary Teams program is transformational. The level of trust between all of our team members went up significantly as we learned to better understand each other as leaders and as people. We successfully rolled the program out at multiple levels and the impact has sustained!”

– Janice Kaffer, President & CEO, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

Learn to Level-Up Your Team and Accelerate Your Future Growth

It takes a certain energy to lead. It’s up to you to hold the space for the success and challenges your teams face every day.

Of course, building a collaborative team culture united by a clear and powerful vision doesn’t happen overnight. And you’re not meant to do it alone.

This is why The Vital Visionary for Teams is not an event, but a process – one that inspires deep commitment inside and outside of the boardroom. And it’s why you need someone else to hold the space and navigate the tension in the room as you and your team work through this transformation together.

The Vital Visionary Method delivers long-term accountability so you can spark sustained change and experience tangible results.

By investing in your growth as a leader, you’re investing in the development of the mindset, skills, and strategies you need to help your organization break through to the next level.

You’ll learn how to:

Elevate your confidence and your presence as a leader.

Focus on building a collaborative and inclusive team culture.

Improve communication lines and hold your team accountable to shared goals.

Spend your time, money, and energy where it matters most.

Break through limiting beliefs so you can show up in your truth.

It’s time to let go of the blocks and patterns that are holding you back, so you can step into your true power as a leader.

How We Engage With You

The Vital Visionary for Teams is based on the core principles that embody high performance leadership in a fast-paced, pressure-filled, ever-evolving world:



The power of the principles does not lie with any one of them alone. Vital Visionary success is in leveraging them all in an integrated way. This program will show you how.

“The enjoyment and excitement I get from leading my business and team is greater than it’s ever been. Through Vital Visionary my focus was on being a calm, confident, and courageous leader. I now have the clarity I needed, my goals are really specific, and I’m able to envision how I’m going to hit those goals. I’m able to lead the way, and I’m able to delegate to my people in a way that helps them understand why this is important to my vision. This whole experience has made me a better communicator to my team.”

As a coach, it’s my job to facilitate transformation amongst leaders who influence other leaders.

I’m here to create an environment for your elevation and hold you accountable to your bigger vision.

I felt inspired to create this program after a lifetime spent watching other leaders—especially those who identify as female—discount their successes, feel depleted by exhaustion, and struggle in isolation thinking they were alone in their experiences.

As a leader, you are constantly holding space for others—inside and outside of the workplace. As a result, you feel like you’re lacking the time and direction needed to embrace visionary thinking and lead your team with high voltage vitality.

For many senior level executives and entrepreneurs, the pandemic has escalated the path to burn out. This is why pressing pause to assess where you stand, and finding a partner you trust to help you plan out your next steps with intention, is so vital.

It’s an exciting time to lead.

Power structures are shifting, as we continue moving away from the stories created by systems and biases that no longer serve female leaders. The Vital Visionary for Teams will help you create a new story – one that promotes your growth and development as a vital visionary leader.

If this speaks to you, then you are in great company. I work with leaders like you every day to hold space while offering the support and accountability you need to reach your next level of leadership.

Book a Discovery Call, and let’s chat about how we can tap into the vital shifts that will propel you forward towards true visionary success.

What Does Vital Visionary for Teams Program Entail?

The Vital Visionary for Teams is designed with the flexibility you need to meet you and your organization where you’re at. Here are three ways you can work with us:


Build a stronger connection with your team through a half to full day event.

Investment: $3-10K


Design a personalized model of high performance for your organization with our 3-to-6-month leadership development series.

Investment: $10-30K


Elevate your organizational culture through our 8- to-18-month high performance leadership development program.

Investment: $35K+

Your leadership transformation begins now.
Book a Strategy Call so we can learn more about you and your goals, identify any gaps, and map out your next step towards leading with vitality.

“The Vital Visionary approach brought me so much closer to my team. I know how important it is for us all to feel connected in the work we do. It’s not just me standing at the front, with my team behind me. This program gave me the space to really listen to all of the voices on our team, and understand how everyone was feeling without getting stuck in my head about what we were going to do next. I will absolutely be working with Jill again, and if you’re considering investing in her program, I think it’s a smart move.”

– Shelby Taylor, Founder & CEO, Chickapea Pasta

Learn to Level-Up Your Team and Accelerate Your Future Growth

It takes a certain energy to lead. It’s up to you to hold the space for the success and challenges your teams face every day.

When it comes to investing in change, ask yourself: what is it costing to stay the same?

Your time, energy, and money is not being used to its fullest potential when:

Your leaders feel unmotivated and disengaged.

Relationships between key stakeholders are being compromised, causing fragmented communication, isolation, and unhealthy conflict.

Your organization is lacking the collaborative environment and deep commitment required to bring your shared vision to life.

You’ll never find the time if you don’t make it.

There’s not going to be a perfect time to start this process. If your calendar is already overflowing and you’re wondering how you’ll possibly fit this in, then you need this shift now more than ever.

The methods inside this program are specifically designed to help you create more time freedom in your workday.

The transformation you want to see six months or a year from now starts with investing in change today.

“Just as our teams go above and beyond for us, it’s important to find ways we can give back to them. This is what we learned from Vital Visionary. I love how far we’ve come in terms of narrowing our focus on fostering wellness and recovering strong from the effects of the pandemic. Jill played a key role in helping us make that intentional shift to reclaiming our power and supporting the well-being of all of our team members.”

– Megan Allen Lamb, President, peopleCare

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to this program?

The answer will depend on what level of the program you and your team decide to commit to. All three levels include an initial design session where we scope out outcomes, success factors and the primary experience you want for your team. When it comes to the time investment, you’ll get as much, and more, back from the experience as you invest into it. And remember, the Vital Visionary Method actually helps you learn how to leverage your team and create more time – so if you are tentative about the time commitment then you’re an even better candidate.

What if my team isn’t fully formed yet?

If you wait to invest in upgrading your leadership skills until your team is fully formed, it may never happen. Teams are always in transition – we’re almost always welcoming new people, watching other members make their exit, and transitioning team members into new roles. Don’t wait for the “perfect time”, because it doesn’t exist. Now is the time for you to become the leader your team and business needs.

What size of team do you work with?

The team size could range from 3-300+. It’s all about your needs and at what level you choose to engage with The Vital Visionary Method.

What types of teams do you work with?

At The Vital Visionary we start our work at the executive level and engage other levels based on needs and outcomes. We work across a broad range of sectors including: financial services, healthcare, and human resources.

Become The Leader You’re Meant to Be

Take action towards making an impact today.

It’s time to start making the difference you know you’re capable of, and you don’t have to go at it alone. Supporting you in the growth process is what we do.

Ready to get started on the first transformational steps? Schedule your strategy call today.

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