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Become the leader you need to be to meet the future you envision.
I’m Ready to Elevate My Leadership Journey

You’re full of potential, and you have what it takes to step into your next level of leadership. You’ve invested so much in your skills and knowledge, but intrinsically you can feel a crucial piece is missing, and it’s blocking you from expanding.

Lately, you’ve been noticing…

You aren’t showing up in a way you feel is purposeful or inspiring.

You’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled and you aren’t clear on why.

You’re exhausted, frustrated, and drowning in everyone else’s priorities.

You’re trying to fit into a mould of what a leader is supposed to be—rather than leading from your own personal leadership platform.

If this is you, then you are in exceptional company.

Many leaders are having this same internal struggle. And the root cause almost always comes back to a lack of clarity, time, and/or the confidence needed to step into a new level of leadership.

Enter The Vital Visionary Mentorship –

A program designed as a platform for you to expand your influence, achieve massive clarity on the bigger future you know is possible, and feel deeply connected to yourself at a whole new level as you become the leader you’re meant to be.

The Vital Visionary Mentorship will help you unlock the aha-moments and the guidance you need to lead your people towards your vision for what’s next.

You’ll deepen your understanding and level up your ability to create an environment that supports high-impact team dynamics (like effective collaboration, building meaningful engagement, and elevating creative thinking), the ability to have conversations that openly and skillfully deal with conflict, and how to lead change from a place of transformation.
This powerful program combines mentoring, coaching, peer connection and support, targeted modules, and accountability so you can take tangible steps towards your big-picture goals.

Imagine what your future would look like if you were able to:

Claim your purpose by holding space for your own reflection and brilliance and look inside for the answers that are waiting to emerge.

Elevate your presence and impact by owning your story and deeply living your truth.

Accelerate your success as a leader by showing up with authenticity and vulnerability.

Hold up the mirror and break through the unconscious blocks holding you back from becoming the human and leader you know you’re capable of being.

“Jill coached me to find the true essence of my business and build the platform to launch me into entrepreneurship. I needed to show up as an empowered leader. I am now CEO of my own purpose based business, living in a place of heart, mind and soul alignment and lit up everyday about how I get to serve.”

– Gloria Cardoso, CEO of Cardoso Leadership Consultancy

This program is for you if…

You’re ready to expand as a Vital Visionary and become a force for leading highly engaged and empowered teams. A leader who impacts the world using her compassionate, authentic nature as a way to build a creative, collaborative and inclusive system of power.

The Vital Visionary Mentorship is a facilitated space for you to recalibrate, grow yourself intentionally, get high-voltage feedback, and be supported by a peer group that just gets it.

This process will help you…

Lead from a space that is deeply rooted in your own story, and vision, and is completely aligned with your mission.

Devote the time required in order to take an expedited journey to radical clarity.

Leverage your expertise by combining personal and professional development with a targeted dose of coaching and peer masterminding.

Increase confidence and trust across your team to create a significant, tangible team transformation.

There is no “perfect moment” to step up and commit to your elevation—only the moment you decide it’s time.

Are you ready to invest in your leadership journey?

“I came into the program committed but not fully sure what to expect. Being part of Vital Visionary for me was completely transformative. Creating a trusting and safe place for me to be able to share my vulnerabilities and hear similar women share theirs allowed me to begin the process of uncovering the blocks that were inhibiting me as a leader and in my personal life.

Now I am leading my team more authentically. I am articulating my expectations more clearly. The experience has shifted me in all the right ways and I thank Jill for what only she can do. She is a true gift for all leaders to dig deep and own their growth.”

– Paola Accettola, CEO True North HR

Expand Your Peer Community and Increase Your Impact

By connecting with a community of purpose-based leaders who are on the same path as you, you’re accelerating your leadership growth.

This is why the Vital Visionary Mentorship is rooted in connection – it’s about joining together a community of women leaders who are committed to their own elevation.

It’s magical to witness this level of connection and the amplifying, positive impact that happens.

Here’s your chance to walk alongside others in letting go of old stories and perceived limitations. To release yourself from the comparison trap and embrace your unique edge. To elevate as a leader, make game-changing decisions, and inspire others to grow with you.

The Vital Visionary Method

The Vital Visionary Mentorship is based on our signature framework for leadership expansion, featuring The 3 Core Elements of Elevation:

The power of the framework does not lie within any one core element alone. Vital Visionary success is found in leveraging them all in an integrated way. This program will show you how.

I support leaders to elevate to higher levels of power so they can have a massive impact and make a difference where it matters the most.

Hi, I’m Jill. I help leaders consciously tune into their own power and get clear on how they will empower others. I work with leaders who are ready to achieve and deeply experience true success as defined by their own internal knowing.

For 20 years, I’ve coached and mentored high-performing individuals who lead organizations and teams in diverse sectors. From seasoned entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses to leaders stepping into CEO roles to Olympic athletes preparing to compete on the world stage, I’ve had the honour of being a part of some incredible growth stories.

I’ve facilitated these transformations across the globe, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the performance impact of leaders who learn to engage with their own power and use it to empower their teams, clients, and stakeholders to elevate in ways they didn’t think were possible.

Whether you’re stepping into a new role or are making the leap to take your business in a new direction, I’ll teach you how to make effective decisions under pressure so you can bring your true vision to life. Now is the perfect time to reach out and talk about how you can make the shift.

“My company was growing rapidly and I felt like it was outgrowing my ability to lead. I felt lonely. I really needed some peers. I also knew that I needed time to focus on me and new tools to lead my business. Jill created an entirely safe space for me to really dig deep. The whole experience brought me into alignment as a leader—calm, courageous, confident. The opportunity to work with peers was tremendous. Being the CEO feels easier because I am 100% clear on my role as the visionary. The response with my leadership has been transformative. The overall experience was a 10++ ”

– Sheri Tomchick, CEO, Plan A

What Does Vital Visionary Mentorship Program Entail?

The Vital Visionary Mentorship is designed to facilitate your leadership transformation by providing you with intentional and dimensional support through…

Live Group Video Sessions

● 6-months of curated group sessions
● Sessions include learning modules, coaching, and leveraging peer experience.
● Access to all recorded sessions.

The Vital Visionary Method Modules

Modules and accountability activities to focus you on success and elevation.

Your Power Crew

Becoming a part of a peer group with shared values to help you get results you couldn’t have imagined without the support, inspiration, accountability, and understanding of your personal leadership platform.

Two Virtual Retreats

Tap out of your day-to-day and plug into a group virtual retreat to create space for you to go deeper on the elements where you’ll experience the most significant results.

Private Online Group

A curated private space (outside social media) to ask questions, receive feedback, stay accountable, celebrate wins, and engage with other smart, caring, connected leaders.

Private Portal

Access to a private portal that houses all call recordings, modules, videos, and everything you need in one easily accessible location.
It’s time for you to discover what The Vital Visionary Mentorship can help you create and whom it can help you become. Book a free Strategy Call so we can take that conversation you are having in your head and help you iron out the next best strategic move for your leadership future.

Your evolution is a process, and The Vital Visionary method helps you create space for change.

Are you wondering if The Vital Visionary Mentorship is right for you? Here are some signs this program is a good fit:

You feel compelled to elevate knowing the next stage of your leadership growth requires a new approach.

You’re a difference-maker and an action-taker who wants to create sustained, impactful change that makes you, your team and your organization better.

You’re curious to see how self-expansion and a willingness to go deep could influence your career and your life.

You know your role is to create an environment of success for others, and you’re willing to do what it takes to lead for impact and high performance.

This program may not be right for you if:

You want to elevate but aren’t ready or willing to do the work.

You’ve never led people, a business, or a division.

You prefer to go at it alone, believing your rugged individualism is a badge of honour.

By now, you’re probably sensing whether or not this program makes sense for you. If you have a good gut feeling about this and you’re ready to take the leap, it’s time to engage with us.

“The Vital Visionary Mentorship Program felt like the right next step to really elevate my vision by focusing on my internal values of creating legacy and joy. In the program, I discovered how much I had married myself with my vision and my business. I learned we create personal stories full of limiting beliefs. The process of uncovering and sharing my story was a huge breakthrough! The impact on me, my team, and my organization has been powerful. I am more centered and clear in my decision making which has flowed through to how I engage with my leadership team. I am creating a holistic life that embraces all parts of me.”

– Dana Lloyd, CEO Answerplus

The A’s to Your Q’s

Where can I access the program?
All group sessions will be hosted virtually so you can join from anywhere in the world. The mentorship program elements (videos, resources) will be hosted on The Vital Visionary private portal. Once you join, you will receive login details to access the mentorship site 24/7.
How long will the program run?
The Vital Visionary Mentorship Program is 6 months running from January to June 2023.
Will I have direct access to Jill?
Yes! This program is led by Jill and her team. This includes group sessions and portal engagement to answer questions and give feedback. Jill will provide compelling “what’s next” prompts to keep you moving and as always accountability to ensure your success. Your experience is directly linked to engaging with your peers—meaning you will get TONS of value from them, as they will from you. We create lots of opportunities in the sessions and through the private on-line group forum.
What if I miss a group or bonus call?
Our intention is that you use the program to set boundaries and maximize your investment by booking time for YOU! And we get it, time is your biggest commodity and life happens. That is why all calls are recorded and posted in the portal within 24 hours. You will have access to everything you need at your fingertips. If you know you are going to miss a call and have a specific question or are seeking feedback you can leverage the group forum and your peers to ensure you get supported.
Do you have group options for corporate teams?
Yes. Professional leadership development is crucial to long term team success! Our Organization Group Package option gives incentives for teams of 3 or more who join the program. Contact us at clientcare@jillproud.com if you have a team from your organization that would like to join!
Become The Leader You’re Meant to Be

Take action towards making an impact today.

It’s time to start making the difference you know you’re capable of, and you don’t have to go at it alone. Supporting you in the growth process is what we do.

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