I highly recommend working with Jill if you want deep, long lasting change! I choose to work with Jill because of her integrity and deep sense of respect. In our coaching work together Jill guided me to my authentic voice. It was a voice I knew I had somewhere in me and the techniques Jill used quickly amplified it. The impact in my professional and personal worlds has been huge. I know how to set clear boundaries that align with my purpose, I feel more cohesive and I can stand firm with dignity and calm. I deeply understand what it means to truly take care of me and turn down the volume on that inner judger voice. Learning how to consciously slow down and think things through has allowed me to be more authentic and aligned in my relationships. Because of my coaching work with Jill, I am now and forever willing to show up fully, to claim that “I matter” – my time, my feelings, my space matter.

Anny Nasser, BA, RECE, AECEO.C

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Kinder Kampus & Philanthropist

When I signed up for Jill’s program, I knew there was something calling out to me and I wanted to be a part of it. I realized that I needed to learn how to better balance all of the roles I play as a CEO, mom, wife and daughter while continuing to get results. I was trying to be 110% everywhere and not feeling the gratification that I wanted.

Now, I am tapping into new leadership skills I’ve never drawn on. I am letting go of the Type A perfection that was getting in my way. I love the connection with other smart successful women in the Lead with Purpose program. It was reassuring to see that I am not alone in this challenge.

I’ve stepped across the bridge to something new that has empowered me as a leader and a person. I am learning to lead with purpose across every part of who I am. It is a soul searching, lifting-up journey for me personally and professionally.

Megan Allen-Lamb

President, peopleCare Communities Inc.

Before the program I was trying to fix things in isolation, when what I really needed was a kick in the ass and some bravery. In the Lead with Purpose program Jill helped me look holistically, make choices and have big, courageous conversations. I am totally lit UP about my new path!

Allison Howell Quinton

Fundraising Executive

I have loved my work and my leadership roles throughout my career. Thinking bigger for philanthropic causes with an eye to elegant execution is always top of mind. At this career stage as a senior leader, I recognized it was about going deeper with a leadership coach in order to better hone team camaraderie and high-performance. I came to recognize that I wanted to make a much bigger change inside to have the impact I wanted on the outside. In this vibrant community of high caliber women within the Lead with Purpose program we were able to bring out a larger leadership conversation in a safe environment. What has been incredibly powerful is the real world, real-time application of the skills. Compared to an Executive MBA, this is much more practical and hands-on – you experience the results immediately.

Through the Lead with Purpose program, I’ve gained confidence & self-awareness of my strengths as a leader. I have loved the steady progress and lots of ah-ha moments. I’ve been able to make very simple changes in behaviour for big impact. This program is a rock solid way to up-level your leadership.

Sarah Koch-Schulte

Director of Philanthropy, The Prince's Trust (Canada)

What a journey! I was caught up in position and title, living like an imposter and numbing my true self. Jill walked deep with me, guiding me to clarify my purpose, teaching me how to live in alignment with my purpose and myself so I could show up as an empowered leader. I am now totally aligned with what I want in my work and life, I show up fully present and set boundaries by saying no to things that are off mission. Jill coached me to find the true essence of my business and build the platform to launch me into entrepreneurship. I am now CEO of my own purpose based business, living in a place of heart, mind and soul alignment and lit up, every day, about how I get to serve!

Gloria Cardoso

CEO, Cardoso Leadership Consultancy

The work I’ve done with Jill over that past 3 years has had a great impact on me personally and professionally! I now have so much clarity about who I am and what I bring to my role & organization. I was looking for someone to help support and stretch me as I developed into a new leadership role. Jill helped me determine what I want, how to say what I feel, and to stand behind it confidently. I knew that change is hard; what I learned is that how I choose to show up really makes a difference. If you are considering working with Jill, know that she creates a safe space to find your authentic self – you are in for a challenging and very rewarding journey!

Maggie Bruneau

Vice President Clinical Programs & Chief Nurse Executive, Providence Healthcare

Through my work with Jill, I show up as a strong CEO who is confident in my voice, compassionate with my team and collaborative in my community.

As a senior leader who had just stepped into the CEO role I knew I wanted and needed support to grow myself and my team. Jill has been instrumental in developing my voice and my confidence as a female leader. I hear Jill in my head during challenging conversations and her advice to not let the negative take up space in my head. I know how to manage myself and stay focused on where the conversation needs to go.

Janice Kaffer

President & CEO, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare


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