Lead with Purpose Mastery Mentorship: CLAIM YOUR NEXT CHAPTER


The Claim Your Next Chapter Mentorship Program leads you into alignment with you, making 2018 your most inspired year ever.

I’m jill proud,

your next chapter mentor

I work with highly successful women in their transition from the “so now what” void to living and leading their inspired purpose, making great money and making a meaningful difference.

In the Lead with Purpose Mastery Mentorship

You will:

•  Clarify your Purpose & step into CONGRUENT Leadership

•  Intentionally Build your LIFE… Not your “To-Do” List

•  Discover Game Changing Strategies make a Meaningful Difference and a Substantial Income

•  Eliminate Blocks and Limiting Beliefs that have been keeping you Stuck

•  Create Powerful Goals & Plan your Future as defined by YOU

•  Receive Support of Like Minded Community & Accountability towards achieving your GOALS

•  Harness your Experience & Life Story so you show up as the Leader you know you are

•  Connect with & Leverage a group of high achieving women who “GET IT”

Through my work with Jill, I show up as a strong CEO who is confident in my voice, compassionate with my team and collaborative in my community.

As a senior leader who had just stepped into the CEO role I knew I wanted and needed support to grow myself and my team. Jill has been instrumental in developing my voice and my confidence as a female leader. I hear Jill in my head during challenging conversations and her advice to not let the negative take up space in my head. I know how to manage myself and stay focused on where the conversation needs to go. 


President & CEO, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

WHAT’S included:




• Calls will include teaching models and content based on core program themes

• Guest mentor experts

• Individual Q&A time

• Call will be recorded and posted within the group for future access


• Sessions will focus on individual and group actions

• Progress & accountability tracking

• Laser coaching

• Individual Q&A

• Call will be recorded and posted within the group for future access

ONE ON ONE VIP coaching sessions

• Two one-on-one VIP sessions are included with Jill’s team

• These will be offered at specific times during the mentorship program to align with the content and flow


• Provides a forum to share questions/answers, ideas, assignments, feedback, wins, challenges

• Access to resources to facilitate pre-work and homework for the teaching components of the program

• Get supported by your mentors and peers


There will be two retreats held in the Collingwood-Blue Mountain region. The time booked for the retreats is considered sacred. These are experiential and this is exclusive time to focus on you and the group. This is where we will dive deeper in a relaxed, intimate environment that allows for growth and rejuvenation. Off-site activities that align with the mentorship program and retreat will be offered. Retreat run from Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon.

The Collingwood-Blue Mountain region is known for being home to a beautiful natural environment that boasts the Niagara Escarpment (Biosphere Reserve), Georgian Bay, downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, caving, climbing, biking, sailing, rowing and just about every outdoor activity there is. Combined with amazing restaurants, La Scandinave spa and a thriving downtown this area is the playground for the Greater Toronto Area and beyond for good reason.

WHY group mentorship?

When women come together with a commitment to creating change in their own world and those they lead amazing things happen. Group mentorship brings so much more to the table.

You get a deep connection to a community of like-minded women who are committed to living and leading on purpose. Whether that’s building purpose based businesses, launching their work in a totally new direction or creating a whole new culture and expectation within the organizations they lead it’s about leverage. Leveraging the incredible skills, ideas, expertise, connections, life experience and creativity of the whole group up-levels everyone. 

One of the biggest challenges to women living and leading on purpose is that when you make that decision, you take a stand for something important. You are making a statement. You will be challenged, questioned and the world around you will shift. That can feel anywhere from completely paralyzing to really isolating.

Being in an intimate group, with guided mentorship and regular connection makes navigating the shift easier, faster and a lot more fun! As successful leaders we underestimate the value and importance of fun. It is actually one of the keys to success and living on purpose. The accountability that happens in a group mentorship program is powerful.


In my 20 years of transformational leadership coaching I’ve seen that the women who are most successful have laser clarity on their purpose and hold themselves to living it day in and day out. They’re resourcing experts because they know what it takes. They hire mentors and coaches, surround themselves with other purpose based leaders and recognize it’s a life long journey that requires commitment to themselves.

As your mentor I will guide you through the roadmap to transition from the “something’s missing” void to living and leading totally lit up!

In Your Next Chapter Mastery Mentorship program I guide and support you in both the group and in a one-on-one capacity.

My job is to ensure you get the breakthroughs you need to overcome any blocks that have been keeping you stuck or stopped from moving into leading and living your purpose. You will also be engaged with different members of Jill’s team to leverage the support you need.

“Jill coached me to find the true essence of my business and build the platform to launch me into entrepreneurship. I am now CEO of my own purpose based business, living in a place of heart, mind and soul alignment and lit up, every day, about how I get to serve! What a journey! I was caught up in position and title, living like an imposter and numbing my true self. Jill walked deep with me, guiding me to clarify my purpose, teaching me how to live in alignment with my purpose and myself so I could show up as an empowered leader.”

–GLORIA CArdoso, 

CEO, Cardoso Leadership Consultancy

I now have so much clarity about who I am and what I bring to my role & organization. The work I’ve done with Jill over that past 3 years has had a great impact on me personally and professionally! I was looking for someone to help support and stretch me as I developed into a new leadership role. Jill helped me determine what I want, how to say what I feel, and to stand behind it confidently. I knew that change is hard; what I learned is that how I choose to show up really makes a difference. If you are considering working with Jill, know that she creates a safe space to find your authentic self – you are in for a challenging and very rewarding journey!


Vice President Clinical Programs and Chief Nurse Executive 

Providence Healthcare

Apply for a complimentary Purpose Clarity Break Through Session. Get a feel for how the Your Next Chapter Mastery Program resonates with you and get clear on your next step towards making 2018 your most inspired year ever.

There are limited spots available for this mentorship program, and we want to be sure this is the best next step for you. Whether you decide to join Your Next Chapter Mastery Program, or not, we’re committed to you getting clear on your next steps to living and leading with purpose.  Would love to see you light up your 2018 in a hugely inspired way.

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