This last week SO many people around me are struggling with the never-ending grind of the consequences of the pandemic. We all feel some form of disconnection, grief, missing hugs, not having to think through 10 things every time we leave the house or plan a walk, not being able to travel and more than a year of not being able to have a conversation without talking about COVID.

There are a lot of NOT’s in our world. We are depleted by the consequences resulting from the pandemic.

So here’s the thing…we all need a little grace right now.

We use the word grace to describe the beautiful elegance of a dancer moving across the stage or the sight of a bird soaring. The kind of grace I am talking about is the one that is harder to put words around. It’s the mindset, mystical force, heart-centred energy that we experience or provide in unexpected moments.

Think about a time when someone was hugely thoughtful in a way that you most needed and didn’t expect. Or when your leader handled a really challenging situation where you felt they totally had your back. Maybe you found yourself massively present in a moment of deep connection with another person.

We describe these as moments of grace, we say the person handled the situation with grace. For me, it is one of the highest forms of recognition of our humanity and one of the most powerful ways you can support yourself and your teams in this time.

Introduce a little more grace in your day today:

  • Take a deep breath and be thankful, instead of getting frustrated about standing in line
  • Think of 3 things you are grateful for about someone who has just done something that made your life a bit more challenging
  • Ask yourself, “what has to be true for that person to behave in that way right now?”, when someone cuts you off, bites your head off or does something that feels hurtful

People need a lot more recognition and reinforcement right now. This includes everyone’s full stop.

Simple acts extend grace. Extending grace is as much about you as the other person. You are more empowered within yourself, you get the release of all kinds of healthy endorphins and you spend less time and energy on the “not’s” in your world.

How are you going to extend grace in the week ahead?