It’s that time of year, yes FINALLY, here in the northern hemisphere we are approaching Spring Equinox. That means much longer days ahead and a time for birthing the new. So, what does that mean for you?

It could mean growing yourself into your next evolution or creating something new in your world. Whatever it is for you, know this…it will be born, so you can do it the hard way or choose to ease the contractions.

Me, I’ve done both. One of the BIG reckonings of this past year is the exhaustion and depletion that happens when you focus on serving everyone around you without building in strategies and practices to support yourself. In the Vital Visionary Method, self-honouring care and practices are central to elevating to the next level.

Here’s the thing…what’s the point of achieving if you feel depleted, resentful and/or questioning – “was it worth it?”.

Staying vital while you pursue goals, make big shifts and birth new ideas, products or services is absolutely possible. The key is to identify what recharges you and set boundaries to prioritize those things consistently.

Identify then be consistent.

Identifying what recharges you is about paying attention to activities where you feel some version of any of these: replenished, regenerated, refreshed, rejuvenated, restored, energized, invigorated, revived, renewed…


Here are some core recharge categories that support my vitality:

Movement: For me, I know when I move my body, whether it’s walking, cross-country skiing, yoga, gardening, clearing brush from our property, it really doesn’t matter to me I just know I am smarter, my mind is clear and my whole body feels energized when I move.

Mindfulness: For me, I know when I do my yoga practice 20 minutes/day five times/week I feel present and fully in my body. I love how I feel focused and aware while also being physically strong and flexible. Listening to guided meditations or trance-inducing music keeps my mental game on point and supports emotional processing at a whole other level.

Creativity: For me, I know when I book a 2-hour timeslot to write/read/watch on ANYTHING that inspires me in that moment I feel massively free! The “random” ideas and “ah-ha’s” emerge because there is no agenda or prescribed outcome. When I play with re-decorating a room in my house or re-design my office space so it feels inspired, light and full of possibility that these acts feel hugely fulfilling and fun.

Play: For me I know when I make time to read purely for pleasure, run around with my new pup Winnie, watch a funny movie, hang out with friends, or do many of the things I listed above with a playful intent I expand and feel like anything is possible.


This is where the rubber hits the road. Where intention is not enough. This is where you commit. Consistency requires commitment because you will need to create space for your own recharging. Then once you create the space you will need to hold it, so you honour yourself = you do what you say is important.

Create space is about blocking intentional time, physical space in your world to do the practices. Some will be daily, some weekly. Consistency is about frequency and regularity.

Now that you have created the space you will need to HOLD the space. In other words, you will be tested. Yep, the universe will send people and situations your way to test your commitment to you. You know this, or at least you do now, so prepare. A client will NEED you, your kids will have meltdowns, that volunteer committee you Chair will ask you to head up the next fundraising event and on it goes.

Holding space means to be with someone without judgment and to protect the time and intent of being in that space. You likely do this for others all the time. Now it’s time to APPLY IT TO YOU. This will require setting clear boundaries, letting others know so they are clear on their role and then saying no or no not now when someone or a situation attempts to step into the space you have held.

So, get started on your recharging! Imagine how incredible it will feel to own your time, fill yourself with fresh energy, clear your mind and feel like the vital you, you know is possible.