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Liberate Your Leadership Story

The journey to achieving new heights starts within.

Your story shapes the way you show up as a leader. As a woman and a visionary, you grew up in a world that led you to believe you need permission to be fully you. The time to break through that block has come.

You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission to show up with vulnerability and embrace your personal power.

Every part of your story is important—the messy challenges, the magical highlights, the inner obstacles. Let’s hold up the mirror to your fully authentic self. Diving deep into this reflective process is how you step into your power and create the path to expressing your bigger vision and purpose. Take the reins and use your story to embody your strengths as a leader. It’s time to leverage ALL of you.

Visionary Leaders Create Highly Committed Teams

Step out of doing and into being so you can truly lead.

Your success is measured by the success of your team. If you want to lead with confidence and clarity, you need courage and support to navigate the journey of stepping into a new level of power within yourself.

You don’t need a prescriptive process with a guide who tells you what to do. You need a process and facilitator that integrates collaborative experiential design with intentional facilitation so you can realize outcomes that stretch far beyond the container itself. We offer programs for leaders and teams to hold space for this transformational process and to cultivate an environment of success.

Vital Visionary Teams

Vital Visionary Mentorship

Not sure which program is right for you? Let’s connect and uncover what the next best step is in your evolution.

Dare to Go Deep

Let’s peel back the curtain on what it really takes to be a courageous leader.


Join us in person for a full-day event dedicated to giving you the time and space you need to show up for yourself, and the connections and confidence that will inspire the leadership decisions of tomorrow.

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The Inner Work Starts Here

See the Change. Be the Change.

Learn more about the transformations of your fellow visionaries.

“Just as our teams go above and beyond for us, it’s important to find ways we can give back to them. This is what we learned from Vital Visionary. I love how far we’ve come in terms of narrowing our focus on fostering wellness and recovering strong from the effects of the pandemic. Jill played a key role in helping us make that intentional shift to reclaiming our power and supporting the well-being of all of our team members.”

Megan Allen Lamb
President, peopleCare

“I highly recommend working with Jill if you want deep, long lasting change! I choose to work with Jill because of her integrity and deep sense of respect. In our coaching work together Jill guided me to my authentic voice. It was a voice I knew I had somewhere in me and the techniques Jill used quickly amplified it. The impact in my professional and personal worlds has been huge. I know how to set clear boundaries that align with my purpose. Because of my coaching work with Jill, I am now and forever willing to show up fully, to claim that “I matter” – my time, my feelings, my space matter.”

Anny Nasser, BA, RECE, AECEO.C
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Kinder Kampus & Philanthropist

“I came into the program committed but not fully sure what to expect. Being part of Vital Visionary for me was completely transformative. By creating a trusting and safe place for me to be able to share my vulnerabilities and hear similar women share theirs, allowed me to begin the process of uncovering the blocks that were inhibiting me as a leader at work and in my personal life. Now I am leading my team more authentically, I am articulating my expectations more clearly. The experience has shifted me in all the right ways and I thank Jill for what only she can do. She is a true gift for all leaders to dig deep and own their growth.”

Paola Accettola
CEO, True North HR

“The beauty of discomfort is where you grow the most. If you’re hesitant about participating in The Vital Visionary Mentorship program, it probably means you need it more than you think. I was right where you are now. Life is busy and sometimes chaotic –you need clarity, focus, habits, routines, and a better roadmap to live a meaningful life.”

“The reinforcement and feedback from Jill and the other women in the group made me realize that I’m not alone and I don’t have to do it all by myself. The group experience gave me the power of other minds, other perspectives, other insights about myself that I was too close to see. I got a clear roadmap that lays the groundwork for what matters most to me. It helps me lead an authentic life with purpose — focused, intentional and accountable. In the end, I stopped trying to rewrite or change my story, I owned it!”

Nicole McCahon
Vice President, Philanthropy, William Osler Health System Foundation

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