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So you’ve had “success”

You know what it tastes like, how it feels, you know the resonance of achievement and that people on the outside see you as fully successful…

Except that’s not how it feels to you.

Something’s missing.

You’ve tried doing more.

More work, more spa days, more time with the family.

But, more doesn’t mean fulfilled

and now you’re left with a bigger question…

so now what?

I’m jill proud

I work with highly successful women in their transition from the “so now what” void to living and leading their inspired purpose, making great money and making a meaningful difference.

I highly recommend working with Jill if you want deep, long lasting change!

In our coaching work together Jill guided me to my authentic voice. It was a voice I knew I had somewhere in me and the techniques Jill used quickly amplified it. The impact in my professional and personal worlds has been huge. I know how to set clear boundaries that align with my purpose. I deeply understand what it means to truly take care of me and turn down the volume on that inner judger voice. Learning how to consciously slow down and think things through has allowed me to be more authentic and aligned in my relationships. Because of my coaching work with Jill, I am now and forever willing to show up fully, to claim that ‘I matter’ – my time, my feelings, my space matter.”


Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Kinder Kampus & Philanthropist

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